STAY FRESH ALL DAY- Absopads anti-sweat pads can help you stay fresh, confident and dry. Absopads got you covered, with the absorption power of the Absopads you can be sure to avoid annoying sweat marks. BE COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT-When applied properly, the Absopads is super comfortable and you won`t even feel it`s there. The Absopads can not be washed or used for activities that go beyond normal daily movements.

They are layer structured and includes a perforating and sweat absorbing dry layer, superabsorbent polymer (SAP)....etc.     

Textiles are different.If the glue is hanging, use some water.

Turn the tank top or t-shirt

inside out and attach the

Absopad to the neck in the

back of the garment image.

Put on the garment inside out

and make sure the Absopad

is fully stretched before

attaching the bottom tape tabs.

Take off the garment, and put

it on the proper way with the

Absopad positioned between

your back and garment.

For removal, make sure the

Absopad does not stick to your back and then hold the tab in the neck before removing the garment.